Why not?

Recently an old friend messaged me about getting engaged, but since it was her second wedding, she didn’t feel the need to shout it off the rooftops.

Girl, shout it off the rooftops. Hell, proclaim it off the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. …

Going back to my athletic roots

Yesterday I made the bold move (a relative term here) to sign up for a co-ed basketball league. Since college, I haven’t been in an intramural basketball league, so we will see how this goes.

Like many American children, I grew up playing basketball…

Scary times, not scary friends

This past Friday, I ventured on a candlelight tour of Fort Mifflin, located down in no-man’s land near the Philadelphia airport. Seriously, there is like no civilization down in that part of the city. It’s eerie.

The candlelight tour begins with entering the fort and…

An ode to a crazy sport

I’ll admit, I dreaded cross country (XC) races growing up. I used to pray for rain. Nay, not just rain, I prayed for torrential downpours so there would be no question about whether it would be safe to run. There is an old Catholic…

No, that isn’t a misspelling

Recently I had an intense conversation with a five and a six-year-old. The conversation went as follows:

Child 1: I think it’s cozy.

Child 2: Or is it comfortable?

Adult with a whimsical sense of humor: “Maybe it can be both. Maybe it can be…

Do you know people who are unfairly criticized for giving too much detail to stories? For fleshing out a scene so the audience can feel like they are there? For being precise with their words so that the listener truly understands what they are trying to say?

I bet you…

Who knows who is out there

About eighteen years ago, I attended a festival on my college campus celebrating different Native American cultures. While there, I spoke with this Native American woman, and though I cannot remember her tribe, I do remember what she said.

“You have a twin in…

Really small victories

Today, I had a small victory. You see, this morning on a beautiful 77-degree day, when I took my shower, I shaved my legs.

I don’t know if it is a relic of my time at an all-girls high school where one could go months without shaving…

Erin McKenna

Writer hoping to spread joy and laughter.

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